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    Registration to the workshop “Digital Data in the Service of Cultural Heritage” is closed

    This form is meant for registering for workshop-hackathon (Day 2, 25th November 2021) which will take place online via zoom. To attend Day 2, the workshop places will be limited, and the last question will help the workshop organizer to adjust the material for the attendees. 

    The aim of the day 2 hackathon is to create fertile soil for future collaborations, bringing together domain expertise from the humanities and social sciences with technical know-how from computer science, digital humanities, cultural analytics, etc. As such, we welcome participants from all disciplines both in and outside academia who share an interest in cultural and historical data and their various applications. 

    All participants regardless of their level of technical skills are strongly encouraged to also participate in the pre-hackathon practical session in the morning. The purpose of this is to provide common ground for people coming from possibly very different disciplines and technical backgrounds, in the form of a common (programming) language, R. No prior programming background is assumed, beginners welcome. R is a freely available programming language and software environment particularly well suited for data science tasks from explorative analysis, data wrangling and visualization to statistical modelling, as well as the presentation of results in the form of data-driven websites and interactive dashboards. The workshop consists of practical exercises based on samples from the same datasets that will also be available in the hackathon part of the day. By the end of the workshop, everybody will have at least a basic understanding of data visualization in R, including various types of plots, maps and interactive graphs, as well as some basic data cleaning and information retrieval tasks. 

    In the hackathon part of the day, participants are divided into smaller groups and provided with two new, so far unpublished centuries-spanning historical datasets of the Baltic Sea, one on ships and shipwrecks, the other on storms and weather events. While some example questions and challenges will be proposed, the groups are free to choose which aspects of the data they wish to concentrate on. The event will end with a session of short presentations on the mini-projects and proof-of-concepts produced during the day. The hackathon and practical workshop are led by Andres Karjus (https://andreskarjus.github.io), research fellow at CUDAN lab (https://cudan.tlu.ee), Tallinn University. 

    Please fill this form with the information which will be your main channel of information on any changes and invitations on the event. 

    With questions, please feel free to email us at merearheoloogia@meremuuseum.ee. We will contact you ASAP. 

    **** This form is intended for the organizers of the conference to distribute information to the attendees. Hence, this information will not be distributed to third-party providers and will be protected under the EU Laws on Data Protection. ****

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