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Wreck of the Lootsi cog

The wreck of a well-preserved mediaeval ship was found near the Old City Harbour of Tallinn on Lootsi Street in 2022. The excavations were led by Muinasprojekt OÜ (Mihkel Tammet and Silver Jäger), and after the work was completed, the wreck was transported to the Estonian Maritime Museum in four pieces.

Preliminary works for the conservation of the ship are currently underway, and as the first step, we will clean the hull of sand and remove any archaeological findings in the process. We will also monitor the humidity of the ship and the surrounding environment to prevent the wood from drying out too quickly and the formation of mould.

At the same time, we will measure, photograph, and describe the details of the ship and take natural science samples from the wreck, which will be analysed in both Estonian and foreign laboratories. Thanks to dendrochronological research, we already know that the wood used to build the ship was felled around 1360.

Excavations of the ship on Lootsi Street and its cleaning in the Maritime Museum have yielded several remarkable finds, such as tools, leather shoes, and weapons. The most surprising and fascinating finds are the well-preserved remains of two ship rats and a ship compass, believed to be the oldest surviving dry compass in all of Europe.

Archaeologists of the Estonian Maritime Museum and conservators from Finland are working on the wreck.

Please send questions about the ship and the works to the following address: 

See the maritime forum held in May 2023, where the finding and transport of the wreck and further plans were discussed in more detail. The postage stamp of the shipwreck issued by Eesti Post was also introduced.

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