The project ‘Development of Seaplane Harbour into a small-craft harbour with high-quality services’ aims to develop the capacity of Seaplane Harbour to accommodate more visiting vessels and offer them a broader range of improved services.
The project has resulted in the development of services at the Seaplane Harbour, providing visiting vessels with a wider range of high-quality and diversified port services. By creating the capabilities to accommodate a larger number of visiting vessels, we provide vessels arriving in Tallinn additional motivation to visit Estonia.

The Seaplane Harbour’s mission is to promote maritime culture, offering visitors much more than just a place to dock. As a unique cultural centre, we strive to inspire people to visit not only Tallinn, but also other ports throughout Estonia, by promoting our maritime culture more widely.

The Seaplane Harbour is a well-established international brand that offers a competitive advantage not only in Estonia but also in neighbouring countries. The strengths of the Seaplane Harbour are its favourable location and marketing capabilities. Thanks to the project, we will be able to provide a safer and improved service to both our guests and regular customers. The provision of new services, such as a planned petrol station and bike rental, will also contribute to the growth of local small and medium-sized enterprises by creating new employment opportunities.

The project was supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund from 15 January 2018 to 15 October 2018 with a total amount of 87,978 euros.

Project 30 MILES

30 The MILES project aims to enhance the quality of small boat marinas and the services they provide. There is currently no network of small boat marinas offering a good level of services and berths for sea tourists. Small boat marinas make any region more attractive, which is why the idea is to establish a network of small boat marinas every 30 nautical miles. Environmental sustainability is also pursued in all plans, recommendations, concepts and investments.

The project’s developments will result in an improved level of service across 12 small boat marinas located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. These marinas form a new circle that forms a whole, which in turn is exciting for boat tourists. Information on access to ports and the services they provide, is clearly available to all. Improvements to marinas bring new business and attract investors, which in turn attracts more visitors to the region.

30MILES project partners in Finland are Kotka Maritime Research Association Merikotka, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Science, University of Helsinki, Cursor Oy and Posintra Oy. On the Estonian side, the partners are Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre, Eisma Harbour, Viimsi Municipality, Estonian Maritime Museum, Department of Development and Economics of Narva City and Narva-Jõesuu local government.

Associated partners are the Lääne-Viru County Government and the Finnish Sailing Federation from Finland.

30MILES is funded by Interreg Central Baltic 2014-2020 Programme and Regional Council of Southwest Finland. The project is partly funded by Finnish and Estonian organisations involved in the project.

The total cost of the project is 3.3 million euros and the implementation period was from 1 September 2015 to 31 May 2018.

More information: the Interreg Central Baltic 2014-2020 Programme (