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The Estonian Maritime Museum offers various educational programmes in the Seaplane Harbour as well as in the Fat Margaret tower. These are usually in Estonian and Russian, but you can always contact us with special wishes and we might reach an agreement:, +372 6 200 550

Recordings of maritime forums

Living history: across the Atlantic on a Viking ship – Kerstin Karu (20 Dec. 2016)

The myth and reality of combative Vikings on the basis of bones – Raili Allmäe and Piret Maldre (13 Dec. 2016)

The trace of Vikings in modern culture (ENG) – Donna Heddle (29 Nov. 2016)

A journey on the Vikings’ eastern roads (RUS) – Pjotr Sorokin (15 Nov. 2016)

Science day: can the Vikings still surprise us? at the Fat Margaret (15 July 2016)

What we learned from Roald Amundsen’s and Robert Falcon’s race to the South Pole (ENG) – Geir Kløver (8 Sep. 2015)

Discovering the Antarctic: development of knowledge from the beginning to today (ENG) – Robert Headland (3 Nov. 2015)

Vostok Lake: a secret sealed with ice (RUS) – Aleksei Jekaikin (10 Nov. 2015)

Women in Kihnu culture (EST) – Ingrid Rüütel (2 Feb. 2016)

Meie veebilehe kasutamise jätkamisega nõustute veebilehe põhifunktsioonide toimimiseks ja kasutaja eelistuste salvestamiseks vajalike küpsiste kasutamisega.

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