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The collections of the Estonian Maritime Museum are being moved

From 3 January to 16 May 2022, the collections of the Estonian Maritime Museum can only be used via the Estonian Museums Public Portal. At that time, it is not possible to visit the collections or borrow museum objects. These temporary changes are in effect due to the collections being moved from the National Library of Estonia to a new location (Volta 1, Tallinn).

If you have any further questions, Ruth Ristmägi, the Head of Collection of the Estonian Maritime Museum, would be glad to answer them (tel. 513 5861, email

The Estonian Maritime Museum’s collections were established years before the museum was officially registered and opened in 1935. Since then, except in 1940−1959, the museum has been collecting maritime-related material in the form of objects, photographs, documents, drawings, charts, books, etc.

There are approximately 100,000 items in the Maritime Museum’s collections, which can be examined more closely via the Estonian Museums Public Portal:

The museum’s collections grow by means of gathering actions, donations, and purchases. Collecting is based on the Museums Act and the collection plan. Priority topics of collection:

  • Jobs on board the ship and in port
  • Ports
  • Navigation / liner trade
  • Shipbuilding/repairs
  • Maritime education
  • Everyday lives of sailors
  • Maritime organisations
  • Expatriate Estonian maritime affairs
  • Events related to maritime history
  • Seaplaning
  • Naval affairs
  • Watercraft

If you have any items, photos, or memories to offer to the Maritime Museum, please contact us: Head of Collection, Ruth Ristmägi, phone +372 513 5861,

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