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The Maritime Museum will open the painting exhibition “Song of the Sirens”


From Friday, 29 July, the visitors of the Fat Margaret Tower can view the exhibition ‘Song of the Sirens’ (Sireenide laul) by Estonian painter Lola Tehver for free. ‘Maritime culture…

Archaeologists of the Maritime Museum will continue to investigate the Nargen wreck


The wreck of the sailing ship Nargen, which sank near Naissaar presumably at the end of 16th century, is another site that the archaeologists of the Estonian Maritime Museum researched…

One of the biggest cogs in Europe is now at the Estonian Maritime Museum


Last night, on 7–8 July, the second half of the Lootsi cog arrived at the Seaplane Harbour – the stern part and another middle part. The Estonian Maritime Museum will…

The first half of the Lootsi cog has arrived at the Seaplane Harbour


Last night, on 5–6 July, two parts of one of the Europe’s biggest cogs arrived from the construction site of Lootsi Street to the future shipyard square of Estonian Maritime…

Lootsi cog, which turned out to be one of the largest in Europe, will arrive at the Seaplane Harbour


At midnight on 4 July, one of the largest medieval shipwrecks in Europe, which was discovered during the construction of the Lootsi Street office building, will arrive at the Seaplane…

Opening hours on 23–26 June 2022


On Victory Day (June 23) and Midsummer’s Day (June 24), our museum buildings and ships are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturday  (June 25) and Sunday (June 26), you…

The Maritime Museum plans to open the Nargen Nord Museum on Naissaar Island


The Estonian Maritime Museum has undertaken the restoration of the military heritage of Naissaar Island in the form of a new museum called Nargen Nord. The project, completed in cooperation…

The dugout canoe men arrived from Soomaa in the Seaplane Harbour


Thomas Frank and Jevgeni Dernovoi, who undertook the sea voyage from Soomaa to Tallinn in a dugout canoe made from a hollowed tree a week ago, were welcomed at the…

The Maritime Museum established co-operation between experts in the history of naval warfare in the Baltic Sea region


This year, the conference of the Estonian Maritime Museum brought together for the first time naval warfare historians from Finland, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. They…

Photo gallery: The reception for the tenth anniversary of the Seaplane Harbour brought together more than 400 museum friends


12 May marked the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Seaplane Hangar of the Seaplane Harbour as a maritime museum. The Estonian Maritime Museum invited its employees and partners…

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