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The Maritime Museum plans to open the Nargen Nord Museum on Naissaar Island

The Estonian Maritime Museum has undertaken the restoration of the military heritage of Naissaar Island in the form of a new museum called Nargen Nord. The project, completed in cooperation with the local community, was presented by the museum on site Friday, 17 June.

‘With the new museum, we will unveil another part of the history of Estonian maritime affairs – more than a century ago, the military facilities located at the Seaplane Harbour and on Naissaar Island were part of one naval fortress. We intend to give new life to the defence battery, the commandant’s office, and the railway. We will use as many innovative solutions as possible to restore them. The goal is to open the Nargen Nord Museum by the summer of 2026,’ confirmed Urmas Dresen, Head of the Estonian Maritime Museum.

After the opening of Nargen Nord, both locals and visitors will once again be able to travel by rail between the north and south of Naissaar Island. The buildings of the commandant’s office and the battery 10A located next to it will be used as a visitor centre and for a two-storey exposition, respectively.

‘The museum would breathe new life into the whole island. We are finalising the Naissaar Island development plan and Nargen Nord has an important role to play in it. Important preconditions for the development are the establishment of an integrated electricity network on the island and the restoration of railway traffic. We have reached a common understanding with the Maritime Museum as to which solutions would serve the interests of the development project and the entire community. The residents of Naissaar Island fully support the Maritime Museum in carrying out the project,’ said Toomas Luhaäär, the island elder.

The reconstruction work required to open Nargen Nord is scheduled to begin in 2024. According to preliminary estimates, its implementation will require an investment of up to 15 million euros. In the meantime, the Maritime Museum is making the necessary preparations.

The planned works and the expected schedule, as well as the current situation, were introduced by the Maritime Museum at the sites of the future museum on Naissaar Island. Members of the island community and representatives of the state and local governments attended the event.

Main facts:

  • The Nargen Nord Museum introduces the history of the sea fortress built in Estonia before the First World War.
  • The development, completed together with the community of Naissaar, envisages the restoration of railway traffic and the defense battery and commandant´s office on the island.
  • Battery 10A will be a two-storey exposition, the commandant’s office can become a visitor center, and the railway will reconnect the southern and northern parts of Naissaar.
  • Development requires electrification of the island.
  • Reconstruction work is planned to start in 2024 in order to open the doors of the new museum by the summer of 2026.

Photos: Eesti Meremuuseum, Koko Arhitektid, Loovagentuur Vuht

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