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To the new world! Exhibition at the Tammsaare Park

Postcards of ocean liners from the collection of the Estonian Maritime Museum. New exhibition at the Tammsaare Park up to September 1st.

Ocean liners were the main mode of intercontinental travel for more than a century. On the one hand, the era can be defined by the initial development of steamships during the middle of the 19th century, and on the other, by the success of passenger aviation from the 1950s onwards.

By the beginning of the 20th century, ocean liners had become national symbols – it was a matter of pride for major European countries to have the world’s best and most prominent passenger ships. The largest, most luxurious and fastest liners sailed the North Atlantic, connecting the New and the Old World. In addition to their cultural and artistic status, ocean liners also played an important role in technological advancements.

The exhibition features ten ocean liners, all of which were exceptional for their time in terms of size, luxury, and speed. The exhibition showcases a postcard collection that was passed down to the Estonian Maritime Museum in 2020 by Keijo Polón (1940–2019), a Finnish collector, who was passionate about maritime history and Estonia.

Prepared by: Estonian Maritime Museum

Design: Fly Illustration OÜ

Editor: Hille Saluäär

Translator: Transly translation agency

Printing and installation: Digitrükk OÜ

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