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Terms and conditions of purchase, use, and refunds of the services of SA Eesti Meremuuseum (Estonian Maritime Museum)

Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing a service – making changes to already purchased services is subject to restrictions.

1. Purchasing services
1.1. The main service of SA Eesti Meremuuseum is the sale of museum tickets (for the Seaplane Harbour and Fat Margaret tower).
1.2. Services can be paid for via the Internet bank (with a bank link) or with a credit card.
1.3. Before paying for the service, the buyer is obliged to check the content of the shopping cart and make sure that it corresponds to the desired purchase. Later refunds are not offered, except in the cases specified in clause 3.
1.4. If incorrect services or quantities are mistakenly added to the shopping cart that do not correspond to the desired purchase, the respective rows or quantities must be deleted and filled in with the correct data in the shopping cart.
1.5. The price of the service in the shopping cart includes VAT.

2. Validity of the ticket

2.1. The purchased ticket is valid for 7 calendar days.

3. Refunds
3.1. No refunds are offered for tickets that were not used during the period of validity of the tickets. Refunds will be offered in case the use of the service was impossible due to the fault of SA Eesti Meremuuseum. Other possible exceptional situations that prevent the timely use or changing of the service will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Service provider:
Sihtasutus Eesti Meremuuseum

Vesilennuki tn 1, Tallinn 10415

Reg. no: 90013667

General phone: +372 641 1408

Please note! Your data will be used to provide services. We are currently only processing the data of our visitors and partners within the European Union or the European Economic Area.