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The Changeful History of Paldiski: from Rågervik to Lahe

Speaker: Tiina PeilTiina Peil

The city of Paldiski is well known and, at the same time, rather unknown, mysterious and, therefore even a bit scary, a place shaped by foreigners and still functioning to its own beat. It has undergone many changes over the almost 300 years of its history but the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population of the city and its surroundings have quietly and tenaciously survived on this limestone ground. The presentation will look into how the city has been spoken about in the past and how it is today. We will use materials from the press and the internet as well as historical archive records and maps.

Tiina Peil is a cultural geographer, interested in historical and modern relationships between humans and the environment. She concentrates on the culture of Estonia’s small islands and coastal communities, the history of landscape and of environmental thinking. Recently, she has been focusing on the subjects of tourism and travelling, cultural and natural heritage in urban environments.

This Maritime Forum will be in Estonian.

The Maritime Forums are free of charge for everyone and will begin at 18.00. We will assemble at the Desk in the Seaplane Harbour.

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