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Future of Science in the Antarctic

Enn Kreem (Estonia) and Priit Tisler (Estonia/Finland)

How has scientific research in the Antarctic changed after the first polar researchers from Estonia? What does the future hold for science in the Antarctic? What could be the next step after drones, and why is the Antarctic still the best place for studying clouds?

Enn Kreem belongs to the first generation of Estonian polar researchers. Priit Tisler is a climatologist of the younger generation, pursuing his scientific career in Finland and gathering knowledge in the Antarctic by means of drones.

This Maritime Forum will be in Estonian.

The Maritime Forums are free for everyone. The forum will begin at 18.00 and we shall meet shortly before it near the Desk at the Seaplane Harbour.

Meie veebilehe kasutamise jätkamisega nõustute veebilehe põhifunktsioonide toimimiseks ja kasutaja eelistuste salvestamiseks vajalike küpsiste kasutamisega.

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