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The Estonian Maritime Museum seeks designers for a museum to be built on Naissaar Island

The Estonian Maritime Museum has announced a call for tenders to find a partner for the design of the Nargen Nord museum and its surroundings, planned for Battery 10A on Naissaar Island. Bids are expected by 10 January 2023.

The Estonian Maritime Museum and the community of Naissaar are going to open the valuable military heritage of the island for visitors as a museum of the new kind, Nargen Nord. With a unique exposition open all year round, the museum is to highlight the history of the sea fortress built in Estonia more than a century ago and other historical aspects of Estonian naval warfare.

‘As the first part of Nargen Nord, we plan to open the Battery 10A complex in the northern part of Naissaar. With the help of the announced public tender, we are looking for a partner who will prepare a project for the reconstruction of the former coastal defense battery and its surroundings into a museum. All this with the understanding that we want to host visitors from the summer of 2026 and use as many sustainable innovative solutions as possible,’ explained Urmas Dresen, Head of the Estonian Maritime Museum.

The project must include both the reconstruction of the Battery 10A building and the planning of the surroundings as well as the creation of an exposition. The partner will be expected to carry out all the necessary work, including studies, surveys, measurements, and other necessary activities, and to advise on these matters. 

The Maritime Museum is conducting the public tender as a procuremnet above the international threshold. Bids, together with the qualification documents, must be presented through the Public Procurement Register by 10 January 2023, 12 p.m. The register allows consulting the basic documents of the public procurement, which also include the concept for Nargen Nord and the basis for its establishment. Public procurement reference number: 254306.

Map of the location of Battery 10A and other parts of Nargen Nord (Estonian Maritime Museum).
Battery 10A this year (Estonian Maritime Museum/ Vuht).
Sketch for Battery 10A after its reconstruction into the first part of the museum Nargen Nord (Estonian Maritime Museum / KOKO architects).
Urmas Dresen, Head of the Estonian Maritime Museum (Estonian Maritime Museum/ Kristi Sits).

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