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The Maritime Museum is the first museum in Estonia to use augmented reality

Starting today, 6 September, in the Fat Margaret Tower you can explore ship models using augmented reality, a new generation digital solution. The solution created in cooperation between the Estonian Maritime Museum and the Ericsson group is the first of its kind in Estonia.


‘We offer a new feature for visitors of Fat Margaret. Almost three years ago, we opened the nearly five-century-old tower as a museum, where special innovative solutions can be used at every step. We have now added the possibility to discover maritime history through augmented reality. For the time being, we will use it to tell the stories of the ships that played a significant role in the history of Estonia. We hope to thereby make seafaring more interesting for younger people and other visitors,’ explained Urmas Dresen, head of the Estonian Maritime Museum.


Using augmented reality, you can learn about the history of eight ships in the Fat Margaret tower. These include sailing ships Hioma, Jaen Teär, and Tormilind, steam ships Suur Tõll, Vironia, and Eestirand and motor ships Estonia and Fryderyk Chopin. The stories were put together by researchers at the Maritime Museum. Ericsson, an international network and telecommunications company, in collaboration with the Estonian IT company Mobi Lab, were responsible for the technical implementation of the exhibition.


‘This is a new generation digital solution. This may be the future of exhibitions. Augmented reality is actively used, for example, in entertainment, military, and design, but it is only just reaching museums. We are pleased that one of the most popular and innovative museums in Estonia is among the pioneers of augmented reality. We have created a unique solution that offers museum visitors a new experience. It will probably come into widespread use and become the new normal,’ said Andrus Durejko, chairman of the board of Ericsson Estonia.


To use the new digital solution, you need a smart device, which will be provided on site at the Maritime Museum at no additional cost. Each device and ship model is equipped with instructions for a convenient augmented reality experience.


The Maritime Museum is the first museum in Estonia where you can use augmented reality. Today, the same parties are working to ensure that in the first half of next year, it will be possible to get to know the premises and history of the Suur Tõll icebreaker located in the Seaplane Harbour with the help of an even more developed augmented reality.

Video: augmented reality in the Fat Margaret Tower (Estonian Maritime Museum/ Loorebased).

Photos: presentation of the augmented reality solution in in the Fat Margaret Tower on September 6, 2022 (Estonian Maritime Museum/ Aron Urb) are available at THIS LINK.