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Contacts and location

Pikk 70, Tallinn
Ticket booth: +372 6 733 092
Booking of tours and events: +372 6 200 550,
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Nearest public transport stops: Kanuti, Linnahall, Põhja pst.
See the bus and tram lines

Nearest car park: Väike Rannavärav 6
Organisation of parking in Tallinn

In the summer season, the museum train is running between the Seaplane Harbour and Fat Margaret

The Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats) – Fat Margaret 700 m
Passenger terminals A, B, C of the Tallinn Passenger Port – Fat Margaret 800 m
Passenger terminal D of the Tallinn Passenger Port – Fat Margaret 1.3 km
The Tallinn Estonia Cruise Port of Call – Fat Margaret 1.2 km
The Baltic Station (Balti jaam) – Fat Margaret 3.6 km
The coach station of Tallinn – Fat Margaret 4.4 km


The museum is conveniently accessible by bicycle or kick scooter – there are cycle and pedestrian tracks running along Mere puiestee, Toompuiestee and Kalaranna tänav. Find out more here by typing Fat Margaret into the search box.

There is bicycle parking in front of the museum building.

Near the museum, you can find rentable electric scooters and bicycles (Bolt, Tuul) by using the appropriate mobile app.

The nearest taps for drinking water are shown on the map below and can also be found here.

When visiting the museum, you can also spend some time on the Kalaranna Promenade or at the Skoone Bastion – there are charming green areas in the vicinity where you can take a stroll, breathe in the sea air, or have a picnic. Find out more here.