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Contacts and location

Pikk 70, Tallinn
Ticket booth: +372 6 733 092
Booking of tours and events: +372 6 200 550,
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Nearest public transport stops: Kanuti, Linnahall, Põhja pst.
See the bus and tram lines

Nearest car park: Väike Rannavärav 6
Organisation of parking in Tallinn

In the summer season, the museum train is running between the Seaplane Harbour and Fat Margaret

The Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats) – Fat Margaret 700 m
Passenger terminals A, B, C of the Tallinn Passenger Port – Fat Margaret 800 m
Passenger terminal D of the Tallinn Passenger Port – Fat Margaret 1.3 km
The Tallinn Estonia Cruise Port of Call – Fat Margaret 1.2 km
The Baltic Station (Balti jaam) – Fat Margaret 3.6 km
The coach station of Tallinn – Fat Margaret 4.4 km