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Ticket prices

Regular ticket Pupil, student, ITIC Family ticket4
Single ticket to Fat Margaret1  15 € 8 €  30 €
Ticket to Fat Margaret and to the Seaplane Harbour 2 25 € 12 € 45 €
MM KAART3 69 € 39 € 99 €


Buy a ticket

  1. A 10% discount will apply for groups (10 or more people).
    A discounted price for seniors (65+) on Wednesdays, 8€!
  1. Single entry within one week after the date of purchasing the ticket.
  2. Check out the special offers and discounts which come with the MM KAART!
  3. Up to 2 adults and their children aged 18 years or under.

Free entry to the museum:

  • Children under 8;
  • Children under 16 with a disability (please provide a certificate) and an accompanying person;
  • Persons aged 16 or older with a profound or severe disability (please provide a certificate) and an accompanying person;
  • Persons repressed by occupying powers (please provide a certificate);
  • Military personnel and conscripts wearing a uniform of the Republic of Estonia;
  • Tour guides certified in the Estonian Maritime Museum;
  • Employees of Estonian museums (please provide your employment certificate);
  • Holders of the ICOM Card;
  • Holders of a press card;
  • Holders of the Tallinn Card;
  • owners of the Muuseumkaart
  • Holders of the WFTGA CULTOUR CARD;
  • Teachers accompanying participants in museum lessons (1 adult per every 6 pre-schoolers or every 10 pupils);
  • Bus drivers accompanying groups (up to 2 bus drivers per group).