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Audio Tour

The audio tour is an exciting journey accompanied by the Captain and Klabautermann throughout the Fat Margaret exposition. They tell stories about significant ships, introduce the cog and broaden the horizons about the traditions and  changes in ships of different eras. If you have a question about who this Klabautermann really is, then listen and think if you’ve ever met him on board.

The following actors play the roles of Captain and Klabautermann and have given their voices to them:

in Estonian: Margus Tabor

in Russian: Nikolai Bentsler

in Finnish: Jan Uuspõld

in English: Sergo Vares

in Latvian: Gundars Āboliņš

in German: Toomas Täht

Also available in French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

The script is created by Katrin Tegova and the curators of the permanent exhibition of Fat Margaret.

The audio tour lasts approximately 45 minutes in total.

Price: EUR 5