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Opportunities in Digital Exploration of Medieval Shipwrecks

You are kindly invited to participate in a two-day international seminar in Tallinn.

The workshop will be based on a recent find – a medieval cog, unearthed from Tallinn and currently exhibited at Fat Margaret.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss, in a practical manner, the digital methods that have been used to research the cog and its artefacts but will also explore new technologies to use in the future. In the freshly renovated Fat Margaret building complex, many historical topics are brought to the visitors by the means of various digital aids. For conclusion, are the digital methods used for public outreach profoundly different from those that are used for research purposes?

Keynote lecture “The IJsselcog Project: From Excavation to 3D Reconstruction” by Wouter Waldus, ADC ArcheoProjecten, Holland.

Underwater Cultural Heritage in Recent Projects of National Heritage Board of Estonia (Krista Karro, The National Heritage Board of Estonia/ Muinsuskaitseamet)
The Svensksund AD 1790 – Project Results: New Knowledge on the Shipwrecks of Svensksund (Marcus Lepola, Maritime Museum of Finland)
The Digital Wreck Documentation in Finland and Sweden (Immi Wallin, SubZone Underwater Operations, Finland)
Reconstructing the Past: 3D Reconstructions, Cultural Heritage XR applications, Reality Capture techniques such as photogrammetry and laser scanning (Ale Torkkel, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
Reinventing the wheel? Data Management System for Archeological Collections (Hembo Pagi & Andres Uueni, Archaeovision, Estonia)
Digital Solutions in the New Permanent Exhibition at Estonian Maritime Museum (Priit Lätti, Estonian Maritime Museum & Karen Jagodin, Project Manager at Fat Margaret 2017-2019)
Kadriorg Cog: From Excavation Site to the Museum, From Exhibit to Digital Model (Priit Lätti & Liisa Randmaa, Estonian Maritime Museum)
Digitizing Museum Collections: Problems, Possibilities and Challenges (Mihkel Karu, Eve Paavel, Estonian Maritime Museum)

Introduction to photogrammetry and laser scanning;
3D Reconstructions, Cultural Heritage XR applications etc.

The seminar is organized by the Estonian Maritime Museum and includes guided tours at the two venues of the museum: Seaplane Harbour and Fat Margaret/ Paks Margareeta – Eesti Meremuuseum.

Convenor: Hele Kiiman, Head of Research, hele.kiiman@meremuuseum.ee

More about the cog: https://meremuuseum.ee/paksmargareeta/en/for-history-and-maritime-buffs/the-cog/

Registration will open soon!

Illustration: Ale Torkkel, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences