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The Fat Margaret Tower has been named the Best Tourism Establishment of the Year

The Fat Margaret Tower, a part of the Estonian Maritime Museum, was awarded the title of Best Tourism Establishment of the Year in the contest of the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association. The main reason for the recognition was, first and foremost, their updated exposition, which has been deemed exemplary in Estonia as well as Europe.

‘The new title is a monument to how much work has been done and how important it is to continue what we started. It inspires our team to offer more and more new solutions and fascinating experiences in the exposition. There is more to be expected this year,’ said Urmas Dresen, the head of the Estonian Maritime Museum.

The recipient of the title of the Best Tourism Establishment of the Year was determined by a vote of the members of the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association.

‘The Fat Margaret Tower’s renewed exhibition is truly powerful, fascinating, interactive, and suitable to all age groups. Last year, it was named among the top three in the category of the Luigi Micheletti Award of the European Museum Academy. It is an enormous recognition, since tens of museums across Europe compete for the acknowledgement. In addition, the Estonian Maritime Museum has been a great hit among the museum’s visitors,’ mentioned the association’s secretary general Merike Hallik.

The Estonian Maritime Museum opened its renewed Fat Margaret exposition on 28 November 2019. By now, it has received recognition in Estonia as well as abroad. On 7 May this year, we will find out whether it will also receive the European Museum of the Year award. The Estonian Maritime Museum with its Fat Margaret Tower has been nominated among tens of other European museums and the award ceremony of the contest will take place in Estonia.

Recognition for the Fat Margaret Tower of the Estonian Maritime Museum:

2022 – The Estonian Tourism and Travel Association: Best Tourism Establishment of the Year 2021

2021 – European Museum Academy: III place in the Luigi Micheletti Award category, the category of best practices in museums

2021 – The pan-European competition European Design Awards: III place for interactive solutions

2020 – The pan-European competition Heritage in Motion: an award for digital solutions in the best achievement category

2020 – The Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards: II place in the Maritime, Coastal and Aquatic Heritage category

2021 – The Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s endowment of folk culture: museums’ prize of the year

2020 – The Estonian Museums’ annual awards: best permanent exhibition ‘Towering Tales of the Sea’, museum developer

2020 – The creativity and design award Kuldmuna: for the graphic design (Polaar Studio) and for the digital solutions (Platvorm) of the Fat Margaret Tower’s exposition

2020 – Tallinn Enterprise Board: Tourism Action of the Year

2020 – Estonian Association of the Blind: Action of the Year

2020 – Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies: Construction Project of the Year

Photos: Kaupo Kalda, Hendrik Osula, Erik Peinar