The Seaplane Harbour & Suur Tõll

‘The Seaplane Harbour And The Suur Tõll’: 90 minutes

For guests interested in the history of the Seaplane Harbour as well as the Suur Tõll.
We will begin our visit from the Seaplane Harbour quay, accommodating the Suur Tõll, the world’s largest steam-powered icebreaker still surviving in her original form. A walk around the ship will take us to the stately officers’ mess-room, the crew’s cabins, authentic steam engines and the rough boiler room. Gripping stories will give us an insight into the ship’s exciting and convoluted history from her arrival in Tallinn in 1914 and the anxious war years up to becoming a museum ship. From there we will move on to the Seaplane Hangar to listen to stories from underwater, the surface and above.
The tour will last 45 minutes in the Seaplane Hangar and 40 minutes on board the Suur Tõll.

For groups of up to 20 persons
Languages: EST / RUS / FIN / ENG / GER

Price: €55 for Estonian / €65 for the other languages
The price does not include admission to the museum. Children aged 8 and under are admitted free.

Information and booking:, +372 6200 550 (Mon–Fri 9–17)


Estonian Antarctic expedition visits Copenhagen

On 30-31 July an Estonian sailboat, ‘Admiral Bellingshausen’, will stay at Amaliehaven, Copenhagen. An art installation will be set up to draw attention to the climate issues at polar areas.

29. July

The audio guide at the Seaplane Harbour is in ten languages

The audio tour at the Seaplane Harbour now tells the Estonian maritime history in ten languages. The audio tour introducing the permanent exhibition above and below water and in the air is a unique journey.

27. June

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Bookings:+372 6200 550 (Mon–Fri 9–17), except on national holidays
Vesilennuki tee 6, Tallinn


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