Holiday and experience

The sea is for both holiday and experience

Come to the seaside!

The sea attracts creative artists, sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers.

Many writers, poets, composers and artists like to stay at the seaside and draw ideas and inspiration from the sea. The well-known Russian composer Tchaikovsky partially spent his summer holidays at our holiday resort Haapsalu, where his memorial bench is also located. Creative Estonians who have established their summer homes near the sea include Richard Sagrits, Juhan Smuul, August Mälk, Aadu Hint, Arvo Pärt, Erki Sven Tüür and many others. It is also possible to notice in their creations inspiration gained from a coastal village setting and the sea.

The sea offers several possibilities for participating in sports, taking a break and relaxing. Maritime sports have been very popular in Estonia all through the ages. The first sailing club was already established in Tallinn in 1820. Surfing, kitesurfing, water skiing and parasailing are also quickly gaining in popularity as amateur sports events, and Estonia has become increasingly more popular among enthusiasts of water sports who visit from outside the country.

The establishment and development of resorts in Estonia in the middle of the 19th century was fostered by the local mud, which has healing properties, and the interest of local doctors in healing bathing. The first mud treatment centres were opened in Kadriorg and Haapsalu. These days, both locals and tourists may, in order to take care of their health and relax, also choose between a large number of various spas that can be found along the coast of Estonia.

Bathing culture has been practised in Estonia for almost two centuries. Today, beautiful summer weather also attracts thousands of people to the seaside to enjoy the pleasures that the beach offers. There are about fifty public beaches and 3,800 km of shoreline in Estonia. And if the weather is not suitable for sunbathing, it is certainly suitable for playing beach volleyball, surfing, sailing or going fishing.

The abundance of maritime festivals in Estonia and large number of visitors thereto also show that the sea is an attractive topic that unites people. These are mostly family events during which great activities and competitions, concerts and performances related to the sea are offered, and certainly freshly smoked fish as well. This summer you can take part in the Tallinn Maritime Days, Sillamäe Town and Maritime Days, Kuressaare Maritime Days, Kunda Maritime Days, Kihnu Sea Festival, Coastal Folk Festival in Tallinn, Lamprey Festival in Sillamäe, Viru Folk in Käsmu, Night of Ancient Bonfires all over Estonia and many other events.

Summer is the time for enjoying the sea! Come to the seaside or to the sea and share in the experience offered by the sea!