Video installation of harbours is open in the Seaplane Harbour

On March 6, an exhibition “Time Flies over Harbours”, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Estonian Maritime Museum, was opened in the Seaplane Harbour.

The video installation “Time flies over Harbours” gives an overview of twelve Estonian ports, their past to the present day. “The selection of ports was largely due to the presence of old aerial photographs in archives and museum collections, which could be combined with contemporary drone shots,” said Urmas Dresen, the head of the Estonian Maritime Museum and the exhibition’s chief curator.

According to Dresen, the exhibition shows the portraits of the ports created over the ages, starting with the medieval Tallinn’s Old Harbour, where the former Baikov Bridge warehouse became the first home of the Maritime Museum. The Estonian Maritime Museum is also intertwined with the locally important Orissaare Harbour on Illikulaid, where stood the Maasilinna shipwreck, which is currently on display at the Seaplane Harbour, and with the museum’s home port, the Seaplane Harbour.

“While the Port of Pirita is primarily anchored in our memory as a storage place for yachts and speedboats, it is worth remembering that between 1913 and 1918 there was a sea airport on the left bank of the river and a sea rescue station on the right bank. We also fly to the Paldiski North Port, which protection and shelter from the winds, as well as its ice-free state, was already highlighted by Peter I in his search for his military port,” said Urmas Dresen.

The exhibition also portrays the Fishing Port, the Mine Harbour, the Port Noblessner, the Port of Kunda, the Port of Loksa, the Russian-Baltic Port and the Bekker Port.

Contemporary photos and videos of harbours all over Estonia sent to the Maritime Museum by the ports and the Estonian Small Harbour Development Center can be found on the Seaplane Harbour Marina Facebook page:

Friends of the Museum, members and supporters of the Antarctica expedition, and exhibitors of the 20th Maritime Fair gathered to the festive event of the opening of the exhibition “Time Flies over Harbours”. The exhibition remains open until August, 30 2020.

Photos of the opening night, Hendrik Osula.





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