The new exhibition of the Maritime Museum tells the story of the rebirth of the Seaplane Harbour

Starting from 24 March, visitors of Fat Margaret will see the new photo exhibition of the Estonian Maritime Museum. Previously unpublished photos show how the unique seaplane hangar of the Seaplane Harbour was turned into an unconventional maritime museum.

‘12 May marks ten years since the opening of one of the gems of Estonian and global culture to the public. Its restoration and development into a museum meant years of challenging work. The exhibition commemorates these years and lays the foundation for celebrating the “rebirthday” of the Seaplane Harbour,’ said Urmas Dresen, creator of the exhibition and head of the Estonian Maritime Museum.

With the help of a couple dozen photographs, visitors of the exhibition will get an impressive overview of the restoration of the seaplane hangar of the Seaplane Harbour, its development into a maritime museum, and the challenges this brought on. The photographs will be on display in the ground floor gallery of Fat Margaret from 24 March to 24 July 2022.

Photos: Aron Urb






One of the biggest cogs in Europe is now at the Estonian Maritime Museum

Last night, on 7–8 July, the second half of the Lootsi cog arrived at the Seaplane Harbour – the stern part and another middle part. The Estonian Maritime Museum will now commence work to display one of Europe’s largest ship wrecks in all its glory.

08. July

The first half of the Lootsi cog has arrived at the Seaplane Harbour

Last night, on 5–6 July, two parts of one of the Europe’s biggest cogs arrived from the construction site of Lootsi Street to the future shipyard square of Estonian Maritime Museum at the Seaplane Harbour.

06. July

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