The Fat Margaret welcomes visitors of museum night to roof terrace

The Estonian Maritime Museum will participate in this year’s national museum night on the evening of Saturday, May 20, with the Fat Margaret museum only. The Maritime Museum’s Seaplane Harbour closes its doors at the usual time at 19:00, and the Maritime Museum advises museum enthusiasts at night to head to Fat Margaret defense tower on the edge of Tallinn’s old town.

“The Venice exhibition is exposed in the hangars of the Seaplane Harbour, where several rare and expensive exhibits are exhibited. The security systems of the exhibition and the special requirements for the preservation of unique objects do not allow a large number of visitors to access all areas of the exposition at night. In order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, the hangars of Seaplane Harbour will remain closed this time on the night of the museum, and the Maritime Museum recommends instead to enjoy the Fat Margaret, where wonderful views from the cafe on the roof terrace can be observed,” explained Jaano Martin Ots, Head of Communications of the Maritime Museum

Since the exhibition in Fat Margaret contains a lot of digital solutions, hands-on activities and other objects for participation, the maritime museum asks visitors to take into account that their own food, drinks and pets are not welcome in the museum. For example, there are several models that can be put together from building blocks and a unique tactile ship model, which allows even the visually impaired to understand the shape and parts of a historic sailing ship. However, no one has to suffer from hunger and thirst, as the rooftop cafe Maru on the terrace of Fat Margaret will be opened on the night of the museum. Also, additional tourguides will be present.

On the night of the museum, the ticket costs 1 euro and it entitles you to stay in Paksu Margareeta until 23:00.

Additional information about the exhibitions open in Paksus Margareeta can be found on the website



The permanent exhibition of the Maritime Museum in the Seaplane Harbour is being renewed

The Seaplane Harbour will be closed from January to May 2024 to prepare an updated and fully engaging exhibition. The partners of the Estonian Maritime Museum in renewing the permanent exhibition of the Seaplane Harbour are KOKO architects and MOTOR.

28. October

VENEZIA – Queen of the Seas’ is open until 3 September: ‘Canaletto wanted to go home early’

The Estonian-Italian collaborative exhibition ‘VENEZIA – Queen of the Seas’ opened at the Seaplane Harbour on 25 March 2023 and was scheduled to be open until the beginning of January 2024. In the course of interim negotiations, it was agreed that the exhibition at the Seaplane Harbour will remain open until 3 September.

03. August

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Open Museum ships Suur Tõll and Valvas are open Fri-Sun from 10 am to 6 pm. The Seaplane Harbour hangar is closed until May 2024.

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