Animal Communities on Beaches of Tallinn Then and Now

Tuesday, 17.05, 18.00 - 20.00

Speaker: Aleksei TurovskiTurovski

This Maritime forum will be held outdoors!

On the beaches of Tallinn, one may meet interesting creatures from the modern ecosystem as well as signs from hundreds of millions of years ago. Together with Aleksei Turovski, we will discover the animal communities in the vicinity of the Seaplane Harbour, who are undoubtedly facing the sea just as we do.

Aleksei Turovski is one of Estonia’s best-known and most loved teller of stories about nature. He is a zoologist/parasitologist by education but his interests extend much farther, even to the realm of zoosemiotics.

This Maritime Forum will be in Russian.

The Maritime Forums are free of charge for everyone and will begin at 18.00. We will assemble at the Desk in the Seaplane Harbour.


We also welcome you on the Day of Restoration of Independence

On the Day of Restoration of Independence, which is celebrated as a public holiday on 20 August, you are welcome to visit our museum from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Both at Fat Margaret and the Seaplane Harbour, you will find many memories of the restoration of Estonian independence, as well as of the efforts that preceded and followed it.

18. August

One of the biggest cogs in Europe is now at the Estonian Maritime Museum

Last night, on 7–8 July, the second half of the Lootsi cog arrived at the Seaplane Harbour – the stern part and another middle part. The Estonian Maritime Museum will now commence work to display one of Europe’s largest ship wrecks in all its glory.

08. July

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