Environmental Code of Conduct


 All berth holders and visitors to Seaplane Harbour Marina must comply with the following simple rules to ensure that the local environment is protected:

  • Seaplane Harbour Marina members are expected to respect the environment, including the animals and wildlife in the club premises and at sea.
  • All hazardous waste materials must be disposed of correctly, safely and responsibly using the Marina’s various hazardous waste reception facilities and services.
  • All general waste and recycling should be placed in the bins and containers provided throughout the Marina. It should be general knowledge that dumping of material at sea is prohibited.
  • All Marina users must act with respect to the local environment and ensure that their activities do not pollute or damage.
  • Sewage and waste grey water must not be discharged into the water at the Marina or within 12NM of the Estonian coastline. Oily bilge water should be pumped into a portable receptacle at the Marina and disposed of correctly.
  • Boat repair and washing must be done using all precautions to protect the environment from resulting pollutants. For boat washing use only environmentally friendly products.
  • Berth holders and visitors are expected to adhere to all environmental regulations, and to report illegal activities to the relevant authority.
  • Please assist us to protect the quality of the Seaplane Harbour Marina marine environment by remaining vigilant and reporting any incidents in breach of these rules to the Marina Office

Seaplane Harbour Marina 2021



The permanent exhibition of the Maritime Museum in the Seaplane Harbour is being renewed

The Seaplane Harbour will be closed from January to May 2024 to prepare an updated and fully engaging exhibition. The partners of the Estonian Maritime Museum in renewing the permanent exhibition of the Seaplane Harbour are KOKO architects and MOTOR.

28. October

VENEZIA – Queen of the Seas’ is open until 3 September: ‘Canaletto wanted to go home early’

The Estonian-Italian collaborative exhibition ‘VENEZIA – Queen of the Seas’ opened at the Seaplane Harbour on 25 March 2023 and was scheduled to be open until the beginning of January 2024. In the course of interim negotiations, it was agreed that the exhibition at the Seaplane Harbour will remain open until 3 September.

03. August

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Bookings:+372 6200 550 (Mon–Fri 9–17), except on national holidays
Vesilennuki tee 6, Tallinn

Open Museum ships Suur Tõll and Valvas are open Fri-Sun from 10 am to 6 pm. The Seaplane Harbour hangar is closed until May 2024.

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