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The Blue Flag programme information and the Individual Blue Flag information

 The Blue Flag is an environmental award given to marinas, individual boat owners of small boats, tourism boats and beaches making a special effort to implement sound management with respect to the local environment and nature and providing users with information on environmental issues. To attain the Blue Flag, the marina has to comply with a number of criteria concerning environmental information and education, environmental management, safety and service facilities, and water quality. The Blue Flag is only awarded for one season at a time and the award is only valid as long as the criteria are fulfilled. When this is not the case, the persons responsible at local level must remove the Blue Flag. Criteria can be found:

The Blue Flag is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a non-governmental environmental organisation and is represented by national organisations in each of the participating countries around the World.

More information:

FEE (; Blue Flag National Operator: MTÜ Eesti Vetelpääste Selts (; Marina Operator (

You can help the programme by also taking action to protect the environment: Follow instructions of the code of conduct at the marina; Use environmentally friendly products for paints, detergents, chemicals etc.; Report any pollution or other violations of environmental regulations to the authorities; Save water, electricity and fuel; Encourage other sailors to take care of the environment.

  • Blue Flag For Individual Boat Owners

Through Seaplane Harbour Marina you can participate in the Blue flag for Boat Owners scheme to demonstrate your commitments to keeping your boat and activities environmentally friendly.

By following some simple principles, you can ensure that you are actively contributing to

protection of the marine environment for us all to enjoy now and for future generations!

Please visit the Marina Office or contact us for further information

 Phone: +372 502 2877



We also welcome you on the Day of Restoration of Independence

On the Day of Restoration of Independence, which is celebrated as a public holiday on 20 August, you are welcome to visit our museum from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Both at Fat Margaret and the Seaplane Harbour, you will find many memories of the restoration of Estonian independence, as well as of the efforts that preceded and followed it.

18. August

One of the biggest cogs in Europe is now at the Estonian Maritime Museum

Last night, on 7–8 July, the second half of the Lootsi cog arrived at the Seaplane Harbour – the stern part and another middle part. The Estonian Maritime Museum will now commence work to display one of Europe’s largest ship wrecks in all its glory.

08. July

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