Mission & Vision

The Estonian Maritime Museum’s mission is to collect, preserve and research the diverse and multifarious material about Estonia’s maritime history and culture, and present it to the general public.

We aim our activities at increasing people’s knowledge about, respect for and love of the sea.

We want to carry on meeting the modern expectations and needs as a memory institution that in addition to collecting, preserving and researching Estonia’s cultural heritage also contributes to education and offers impressions to domestic and foreign guests, thereby highlighting Estonia as a destination of culture tourism.

In April 2017, the Estonian Maritime Museum began to operate as a foundation and be the leading museum in the maritime field.

Our next major investments will be in renewing the Fat Margaret exhibition, which dates from 1981, and renovating the staff building and quay of the Seaplane Harbour.


The renovation project of Fat Margaret received support from Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) announced supporting the application of the Estonian Maritime Museum for adding a family-centred attraction to the building complex of Fat Margaret.

11. May

Anniversary postmark of the research vessel Mare

The postmark commemorating 50 years since the construction of the research vessel Mare of the Estonian Maritime Museum will be issued on 5 April.

05. April

Exhibition on 100 ships of Estonia

The exhibition ‘100 years on water. The ships of Estonia 1918–2018’ was opened in the Seaplane Harbour. It introduces 100 ships that played an important role in the history of Estonia, including sailing ships, steamers, warships, passenger ships, and cargo ships.

20. March

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