Exhibition on 100 ships of Estonia

The exhibition ‘100 years on water. The ships of Estonia 1918–2018’ was opened in the Seaplane Harbour. It introduces 100 ships that played an important role in the history of Estonia, including sailing ships, steamers, warships, passenger ships, and cargo ships.

At the opening of the exhibition, on the 83rd birthday of the Maritime Museum and on the eve of the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, Urmas Dresen, Head of the Maritime Museum, recalled the long-awaited White Ship, which never arrived. This ship has become an important symbol in the cultural history of Estonia, as it stands for hope in being liberated from the occupation. The White Ship is also included in the exhibition.

Among the displayed vessels, there are ships that crossed the equator under the Estonian flag, industrial fishing vessels that symbolised the era, the kale boat that was chosen among the 100 treasures of Estonia, and Megastar, the most modern passenger ferry in the Baltic Sea. Several exhibited ships are located in the Seaplane Harbour, such as the submarine Lembit, which made a total of seven battle patrols, icebreaker Suur Tõll, which ensured foreign trade during the first Republic of Estonia, and Hoppet, which is the oldest sailboat still operating in Estonia.

In addition to text and images, the exhibition includes more than 130 items and 42 ship models from the collections of the Maritime Museum, as well as other museums, including rare metal submarine models. Visitors can view archived footage and interviews made with eight people who are connected to the ships, from stokers to captains, which were recorded specially for the exhibition.

The exhibition is open until 13 January 2019.

Photos from the birthday of the Maritime Museum and the opening of the exhibition are available on the Facebook page of the Seaplane Harbour.

Photo: Erlend Staub



Tallinn museums are welcoming cruise tourists

Six museums in Tallinn established a joint Museum Gate in the cruise terminal to encourage foreign visitors to get to know Estonian culture.

31. May

The Seaplane Harbour now displays an underwater photo exhibition on underwater archaeology

An aquarium at the Seaplane Harbour now hosts the underwater photography exhibition ‘The Underwater World of Shipwrecks’ by Aire Eder. The aquarium exhibits 26 underwater photos of shipwrecks in Estonia, Norway, Cyprus, Croatia, and Egypt.

28. December

The renovation project of Fat Margaret received support from Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) announced supporting the application of the Estonian Maritime Museum for adding a family-centred attraction to the building complex of Fat Margaret.

11. May

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