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Viking Era Treasures from Estonia”

A number of new finds have been uncovered in recent years that have changed our understanding of life in Estonia in the Viking Age. Estonia is second only to Sweden when it comes to the amount of Viking Age silver treasures – silver accumulated in our region in exchange for the iron sold to the Vikings, and a wealth of it has been preserved hidden underground until quite recently. These silver and iron treasures have been seen until now only by their finders and people who work in museums, universities and heritage conservation authorities. Now the exhibition allows everyone to examine treasures that have been unearthed in Estonia.

Archaeological finds are proofs of their era. The finds displayed in this exhibition have led to new exciting scientific conclusions about Viking Age Estonia. For example, we can boldly say that one of the main Viking trade routes went along the northern coast of Estonia and through the rivers and lakes of Virumaa. It turns out that Viking Age Estonia was a part of an important Viking trade route and the people who lived in these lands were valuable trading partners for both European and Arabic countries.

Besides trade, the exhibition is about other aspects of the Viking Age, such as strongholds, beliefs and burial traditions. The exhibition is supplemented by exciting excursions and special programmes for both adults and children.

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