Estonian Maritime Museum at Fat Margaret is closing its doors until autumn 2019

The iconic artillery tower Fat Margaret along with the main exhibition of the Estonian Maritime Museum within it will be closed starting  February 1st 2018. In the next year and a half, it will be developed into a modern museum / visitor centre. The Maritime Museum is encouraging everyone who has not visited the main exhibition in the past decades to do so before closing.

The new family-centred exhibition at Fat Margaret is full of experiences and will take visitors into the fascinating world of seaborne trade and ship construction.

Urmas Dresen, member of the management board of SA Eesti Meremuuseum, reveals some secrets regarding what can be seen in autumn 2019: ‘The biggest surprise is the *rhythmic exhibition*, where an audio-visual environment will take over the room at certain intervals to convey the maritime environment and the emotions of the characters at sea.

For example, the solutions will show what it felt like to be on a medieval cog on the stormy Baltic Sea; a 3D visualisation of the development of the Port of Tallinn from a fishing port to the design of Zaha Hadid; what actually takes place on the captain’s bridge of ships on the Tallinn – Helsinki line and how modern navigation works – an interactive 360-degree view; and where the Estonian ‘fleet’ is on the seas in real time.’ More than forty digital and hands-on solutions are planned for the museum.

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