The Polar Club is inviting you to the Two Polar Jubilees forum

forum called Two Polar Jubilees to celebrate 125 years from the birth of polar captain Karl Jõgi, and 90 years from the polar expedition of Umberto Nobile and its rescue. The forum is dedicated to Vello Park, President of the Polar Club in 2003–2014, who passed away last week.


A speech will be given by Katrin Savomägi, secretary of the Polar Club, who will shed light on the backgrounds of the two


jubilees in the Estonian Shipping Yearbook 2018. ‘On 25 May 1928, an accident happened on the expedition of Umberto Nobile at the Arctic Sea with Airship Italia, where 9 of the 16 crewmen, including Umberto Nobile, were thrown on drift ice. The Soviet Russia was one of the countries who reacted to the accident, sending a 35-year-old captain Karl Jõgi on a successful rescue expedition on Krassin, the most modern icebreaker,’ writes Savomägi. ‘But everyone did not do that well. One of the rescuers was Roald Amundsen who, along with five companions, went missing on a French seaplane.’


A Soviet Estonia newsreel No. 7, 5/6 Filming in Tallinn (Filmivõtted Tallinnas, 1968) will be played on the forum, portraying the making of a movie on the same subject. In the USSR-Italian movie The Red Tent (1968), Karl Jõgi was played by Rein Aren, Umberto Nobile was played by Peter Finch, and Roald Amundsen was played by Sean Connery.


Participation in the forum is free of charge, but it is required to registrate at: The forum will be held in Estonian. We will meet at the Seaplane Harbour cash desk. You can visit the museum with a museum ticket before the forum.


The Polar Club was founded in 1984 at the Estonian Maritime Museum with the purpose of bringing together people with a common interest in the Arctic and the Antarctic, and who have participated in polar studies or activities related to that. The president of the club is Andres Tarand and the club has 32 members. Find out more about the Polar Club at:


Katrin Savomägi, Secretary of the Polar Club, phone: 506 9893, e-mail:





The Seaplane Harbour now displays an underwater photo exhibition on underwater archaeology

An aquarium at the Seaplane Harbour now hosts the underwater photography exhibition ‘The Underwater World of Shipwrecks’ by Aire Eder. The aquarium exhibits 26 underwater photos of shipwrecks in Estonia, Norway, Cyprus, Croatia, and Egypt.

28. December

New Exhibiton: Operation Red Trek. Ensuring Estonian Freedom

The NEW exhibition in the experience room of the Seaplane Harbour tells the story of the tense first months of the Estonian War of Independence at sea.

20. December

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