Seaplane Harbour now easier to access!

The road works at Kalaranna Street are finished. Our visitors can now access the Seaplane Harbour more conveniently than ever before, using an asphalted street.

The asphalted Kalaranna street, 1.75 km in length, runs from Kalasadama street to Tööstuse street in the area of the former ‘Culture Kilometre’. There is plenty of space for cars, pedestrians and bikes.

We recommend that you take the following route to the Seaplane Harbour from the city centre:

From Põhja puiestee, turn left towards Kalasadam. Near Kalasadam, turn to the left and enter Kalaranna street. Drive straight for approximately 1 kilometre until you see the Seaplane Harbour on your right.




The Seaplane Harbour will be closed in February!

The Seaplane Harbour is renewing itself. between 30 January 2017 and 27 February 2017.
The Fat Margaret artillery tower will remain open!

05. December

Rescue Helicopter Arrived to Seaplane Harbour!

On 24 March 2017 we are going to open an exhibition about search and rescue titled “MAYDAY.MAYDAY.MAYDAY”. In the wee hours of 16 November one of the most important exhibits already arrived to our premises: the rescue helicopter MI-8.

21. November

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