Unveiling the Antarctic: a Development of Knowledge from the Earliest Times to the Present

Tuesday, 3.11

November’s first Maritime Forum will be mainly about mapping and exploration: ‘The Heroic Age of Antarctica’ concerns the brief but intense period from the 1890s to the First World War with the Scott, Shackleton, Mawson, Amundsen, and many other expeditions.

Robert Headland is a researcher of Cambridge University’s Scott Polar Research Institute who has worked as a guide in Antarctica for years.

This Maritime Forum will be in English.

The Maritime Forums are free for everyone. The forum will begin at 18.00 and we shall meet shortly before it near the Desk at the Seaplane Harbour.


Estonian Antarctic expedition visits Copenhagen

On 30-31 July an Estonian sailboat, ‘Admiral Bellingshausen’, will stay at Amaliehaven, Copenhagen. An art installation will be set up to draw attention to the climate issues at polar areas.

29. July

The audio guide at the Seaplane Harbour is in ten languages

The audio tour at the Seaplane Harbour now tells the Estonian maritime history in ten languages. The audio tour introducing the permanent exhibition above and below water and in the air is a unique journey.

27. June

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