URMAS DRESENDirector51 316 22urmas@meremuuseum.ee
KÜLLI VAINSALUHead of Financial Services50 145 65kylli@meremuuseum.ee
GERLY HEINSOOHead of Research, Collections and Content56 468 008gerly@meremuuseum.ee
KRISTINA MILBACHHead of Corporate Services59 129 172kristina@meremuuseum.ee
HENE-RIIN LÕHMUSHead of Administrative and Development Services52 255 20hene@meremuuseum.ee
GERLY HEINSOOHead of Museum Services56 468 008gerly@meremuuseum.ee
Research and Collections
RUTH RISTMÄGIHead of Collections51 358 61ruth@meremuuseum.ee
LIISI RANNAST-KASKResearcherliisi@meremuuseum.ee
TEELE SAARResearcher56 618 664teele@meremuuseum.ee
PRIIT LÄTTIResearcher50 708 09priit@meremuuseum.ee
MIHKEL KARUResearcher and Collection Manager53 407 718mihkel@meremuuseum.ee
FELIKS GORNISCHEFFResearcher and Collection Manager51 926 971feliks@meremuuseum.ee
ARTO OLLResearcher6 817 365arto@meremuuseum.ee
VELLO MÄSSResearcher52 61 991vello@meremuuseum.ee
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ANDRES EEROCollection Manager6 807 732andres@meremuuseum.ee
EVELYN SILMETCollection Manager53 884 551evelyn@meremuuseum.ee
EVA RONKCurator of Experiential Learning53 080 152eva@meremuuseum.ee
ALLAR TUICurator of Education52 179 98allar@meremuuseum.ee
HELJU ZAHHAROVHead of Library5647 8597helju@meremuuseum.ee
KRISLIN KÄMÄRÄCurator of Permanent Exhibitions53 433 470krislin@meremuuseum.ee
KAREN JAGODINProject Manager for Exhibitions52 381 13karen@meremuuseum.ee
HERKE KUKKProject Manager for Exhibitions 5554 0675herke@meremuuseum.ee
KRISTINA MILBACHHead of Corporate Services59 129 172kristina@meremuuseum.ee
Marketing and Sales
JAKOB LAULIKCommunications Specialist53 859 207jakob@meremuuseum.ee
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GRETHEL RÄTSEPEvent Coordinatorgrethel@meremuuseum.ee
MARGE RAHUProject Manager for Marketing5566 0733marge.rahu@meremuuseum.ee
IRIS TOMSONProject Manager for Marketing Communications50 496 23iris@meremuuseum.ee
LY AGASILDBooking Coordinator57 873 970ly@meremuuseum.ee
ROMAN MATKIEWICZArtist59 197 333roman@meremuuseum.ee
Museum Shop   
ÜLLE DAUTService and Trade Manager5305 2273kauplus@lennusadam.eu
KERTU POTISEPPStore Specialist5305 2273kauplus@lennusadam.eu
EVA KRUUSECafé Manager5558 1909eva@7kaiku.ee
MARET LUHTCatering Project Manager53 613 403maret.l@7kaiku.ee
MADIS JÕHVIKHead Chef56 260 902madis@7kaiku.ee
LAURI VÄINSALUHarbour Master5620 5552lauri@lennusadam.eu
TANEL VEERLAHarbour Duty Officer502 2877tanel@lennusadam.eu
KÜLLI VAINSALUHead of Financial Services50 145 65kylli@meremuuseum.ee
RAISSA TROSSAccountant and Financial Specialist52 695 20raissa@meremuuseum.ee
MAIE TOOMINGProcurement Specialist59 190 036maie@meremuuseum.ee
KATARIINA MURUHuman Resources Specialist53 478 871katariina@meremuuseum.ee
ANU TOODINGInformation Secretary51 31 223anu@meremuuseum.ee
HENE-RIIN LÕHMUSHead of Administrative and Development Services52 255 20hene@meremuuseum.ee
Administrative Services
TIIT POLLERFacilities and Technical Specialist50 185 53tiit.poller@meremuuseum.ee
KATRIN SEPALAANAdministrator of Fat Margaret Tower51 601 47katrin@meremuuseum.ee
VAHUR ILDMaintenance Technician53 828 178vahur@meremuuseum.ee
Museum Ships
TIIT EINBERGCurator of Museum Ships51 316 23tiit@meremuuseum.ee
TOIVO ARUMÄECaptain of the Suur Tõll55 666 395toivo@meremuuseum.ee



Exhibition ‘Communism in its Time’ in our gunpowder magazine

In the framework of the memorial conference “The Heritage in 21st Century Europe of the Crimes Committed by Communist Regimes” organized by the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Estonia in the framework of the Estonian Presidency in the Council of the European Union the exhibition “Communism in its Time” is to be opened in the Maritime Museum gunpowder magazine (Uus st. 37).

24. August

The Seaplane Harbour will be closed in February!

The Seaplane Harbour is renewing itself. between 30 January 2017 and 27 February 2017.
The Fat Margaret artillery tower will remain open!

05. December

Rescue Helicopter Arrived to Seaplane Harbour!

On 24 March 2017 we are going to open an exhibition about search and rescue titled “MAYDAY.MAYDAY.MAYDAY”. In the wee hours of 16 November one of the most important exhibits already arrived to our premises: the rescue helicopter MI-8.

21. November

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