Maritime Forums

Urban Fisher’s Culture and Fisher’s Philosophy

Tuesday, 14.06, 18.00 - 20.00

Photograph: ERR

Speaker: Vladislav Koržets

This Maritime forum will be held outdoors!

The hundreds of urban fishers in Tallinn: who are they and what do they think about? We will talk about the urban fisher’s culture and ask if there is a fisher’s philosophy and, if yes, what it could be. We will also be angling ourselves and see if we can catch anything!

Vladislav Koržets is an Estonian humorist, writer, journalist, TV presenter and fishing enthusiast, who is well known for popularising nature preservation, fishing and fish dishes.

This Maritime Forum will be in Estonian.

The Maritime Forums are free of charge for everyone and will begin at 18.00. We will assemble at the Desk in the Seaplane Harbour.


The Seaplane Harbour now displays an underwater photo exhibition on underwater archaeology

An aquarium at the Seaplane Harbour now hosts the underwater photography exhibition ‘The Underwater World of Shipwrecks’ by Aire Eder. The aquarium exhibits 26 underwater photos of shipwrecks in Estonia, Norway, Cyprus, Croatia, and Egypt.

28. December

The renovation project of Fat Margaret received support from Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) announced supporting the application of the Estonian Maritime Museum for adding a family-centred attraction to the building complex of Fat Margaret.

11. May

Anniversary postmark of the research vessel Mare

The postmark commemorating 50 years since the construction of the research vessel Mare of the Estonian Maritime Museum will be issued on 5 April.

05. April

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